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At Platinum Home Health Inc we are always looking for new talent to add to our team. We openly accept applications for review and consideration.


If you are a licensed nurse, social worker, or therapist please let us know about you. We want to provide the very best service and specialists for our patients. Are you who we’re looking for?

Committed to Excellence

We strive for excellence. Our patients and their health is the most important thing to us at Platinum Home Health Inc. We have built this business with their best interests at the forefront, and we want people who have the same passion and drive as we do.

Make an Impact

It’s not about changing the world, it’s about making an impact on a single person’s life. This industry is filled with people that do that every single day, and we want the very best of them on our team for our patients.

Industry insight and usable information can be found in our monthly articles. Take a look.


To learn more about us what we’re up to, please call today.


We are accepting applications to add to our “pool” of professionals. We keep all applications on file, and when an opening arises we dive into our resources looking for the very best fit.  Get started on your future today, click here. Let’s do this together.

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