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Home is where the heart is

At Platinum Home Health Inc we know the importance of being home and getting back to your daily lifestyle so we provide the very best care we can with a number of services.


There is no place like home, and the benefits of being home and the effect it has on your mindset will only speed up your recovery.


Individualized Care

Everyone requires specific care and we want you to be confident that you will receive the individualized care you need and deserve, tailored just for you and your family. We provide the support and care you need to accomplish your daily routine, and achieve your goals.

Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy

At Platinum Home Health Inc we have a number of professionals to provide the therapy that you need. Our therapists strive to provide the very best care they can. With a guiding hand, they will gently push you to reach your goals.

Our mission is to provide you a place that feels like home. You deserve to be comfortable.

In these tough times, you need someone you can trust, call


We’re here to Support

Our in home care is meant to help EVERYONE. When a loved becomes ill or injured, it can cause a number of issues, concerns, and fears within the family. Our team of professionals will happily support and provide education to all family members regarding any illnesses and health concerns. This will enable all involved to help the ill or injured to return to optimal health as soon as possible.

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